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vanity is thy name woman

Vanity is thy Name Woman – A Wine Bar Design Concept

Some of our design inspiration here at Pubs Clubs Bars Worldwide comes from collectibles and salvaged items.


Vanity is thy name woman is a design concept based on salvaged vanity tables. These beautiful pieces form the basis of the design philosophy.
Stunning dark wood and mirroring add sophistication and feelings of a refined company.


With excitement and sense of exclusivity and particularity, this design philosophy is rivaled by none, ‘Vanity is Thy Name Woman’, brings history and the contemporary into one concept.


Perfect as a wine bar, where the ladies convene to exchange stories and gossip. ‘Vanity is Thy Name Woman’ brings together salvaged pieces and a modern trend of sipping Pinto Grigio’s, Pinot Noir’s and flutes of Cava after work in the evening or during brunch at the weekends.


Today’s pubs, clubs and bars must make the intrigued and the curious customer into the loyal customer. The use of salvaged pieces along with a design embedded in a strong story and culture will attract the curious customer.


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